6 reasons why scarves and pashminas are the perfect solution for outdoor events

May 15, 2018

6 reasons why scarves and pashminas are the perfect solution for outdoor events

Pashminas and scarves are the perfect addition to any outdoor event with their mix of practicality and chic. With summer just around the corner, we should be be getting some beautiful bright weather to enjoy in the great outdoors at garden parties, weddings, festivals or just a countryside beer garden (or maybe we’ll just go on holiday and enjoy the sun elsewhere).

 Here’s why we think cashmere pashminas or scarves and summer are the perfect outdoor mix:


  1. They’re versatile – as they can be worn in different styles, a pashmina or scarf can be adjusted for every weather eventuality and situation. They also go with so many different outfits and styles - going from day to night so easily - so they’re ideal for events like weddings and parties where you might be there from the daytime to the evening
  2. They’re lightweight and portable – you can store a pashmina or scarf easily if you decide that it’s too hot to wear or if you need to travel to attend an outdoor event. The relaxed fit of a pashmina or scarf means that they don’t need to make you feel too hot and bothered, especially if you’re moving around
  3. They’re easy to wear – scarves and pashminas can be worn as simply (or as elaborately) as you like. Throw it on for an easy, effortless look or experiment with different twists and styles.
  4. They can be dressed up or down – ideal for outdoor events, especially if you’re not sure what the dress code is or what you’re going to be doing, you can adjust your outfit accordingly just by adding or removing your scarf
  5. They’re an easy way to update an outfit or add a splash of colour – maybe for an outdoor event you want to keep it practical and wear a neutral colour, or an outfit that you’ve worn before? Add a splash of colour and refresh your outfit with the addition of a pashmina or scarf
  6. They cover a multitude of sins – maybe you don’t feel comfortable with your arms on display, but don’t want to overheat in a long sleeved top or maybe you’ve had a last minute fake tan disaster? Don’t fear, throw on a pashmina and no-one ever needs to know!

If you’ve got any outdoor events coming up, just add a pashmina for the perfect cover up, whatever you’re up to.