Buy a pashmina scarf: the perfection solution for Christmas parties

December 05, 2018

Buy a pashmina scarf: the perfection solution for Christmas parties

Christmas parties can be a minefield – there’s so many different things that need planned and organised, deciding on an outfit that takes you from day to night can sometimes be a struggle. Especially with the unpredictable British weather!

 If it’s a work Christmas party, you’re probably getting ready at your desk (or in the office loos!) so you need an outfit that’s easy to wear, practical and isn’t going to be completely creased by the time you take it out of your bag. This is where a cashmere scarf can be an absolute life saver, they work with lots of different outfits and can easily be dressed up or down depending on where you’re going. A scarf is also really portable, travels really well and is perfect for that transition from the office to bar.

 Maybe your Christmas party is a more relaxed affair? Perhaps you’re heading to the Christmas markets, or Christmas shopping, and then for drinks with the girls? Never underestimate the difference in temperature between going from shops, outside and then on to a bar or restaurant. Layering is key here, so that you can stay comfortable whilst still looking great. We recommend a cashmere scarf in this situation too as it’s so easy to wear and looks great, especially if you’re on the go. It’ll also keep you extra cosy if you’re venturing outdoors.

 Hosting a Christmas party at home is no mean feat either – you’re required to host and entertain, cook (or at least order in), as well as look put together and in-control. We can help with the last bit, we promise - but unfortunately not the cooking or the entertaining part. If you buy a cashmere scarf in time for your party you can just throw it on before your guests arrive and radiate togetherness. They’re so light in texture, they’re ideal for wearing indoors and wearing over a glam outfit.

 Wherever you’re going for your Christmas party, you can rest assured that by buying a Carr & Burhill cashmere scarf you’ll be ready for it. Our scarves are made from the highest-quality 100% pashmina wool from Nepal, with SGS Yarn Assurance. We also offer lots of different colours too so that you can choose one that works best with your existing wardrobe.