Buying a Cashmere Pashmina as an investment

April 18, 2018

Buying a Cashmere Pashmina as an investment

We live in a time of fast fashion. You only need to look in magazines or high street retailers to see the latest trends come and go. But some items never go out of style, and one of these items is the cashmere pashmina.

Genuine, high quality pashmina’s aren’t cheap, but they will last you a lifetime if they’re cared for properly They can also be worn for any occasion so we believe that as an investment piece for your wardrobe they can’t be beaten. They’re timeless and will never date, whether you use it to jazz up a pair of jeans or drape across your shoulders in evening wear. Even if you’re trying to create a Marie Kondo-style capsule wardrobe, a pashmina is the accessory that can bring the rest of your wardrobe to life.

 We’ve all heard of “cost-per-wear” - dividing the cost of an item by the number of times it will be worn – and the saying “buy cheap, buy twice”. There’s a reason for both of these things…they make sense! It’s important to think of buying a pashmina as a long-term purchase, and something that you’ll use for a really long time. You’ll also save money by buying one amazing scarf that will last forever rather than 20 different scarves on the high street that wear out quickly.

 Quality over quantity is really important in these days of throwaway fashion and the damage that this heavy production process does in developing countries where mass market fashion is being produced unethically and unsafely, in terrible working conditions.

 This isn’t the case with our pashmina scarves, you’re paying for the quality and sustainability of the cashmere (it’s more expensive to harvest the wool gently, without causing harm or distress to the goat it comes from), the expertise of the women who produce the scarves and the ability to pay a fair wage and ensure safe working conditions in our Nepal factory.

 Cashmere is also much more durable and resilient than lambswool, as well as being much less likely to shrink, pill or fall out of shape, making it perfect as an investment piece. You’ll still need to take care of it to keep it looking its best but it’s actually much less high maintenance than other, inferior wools.

 So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to invest in your perfect pashmina and see why quality really does beat quantity.