History of the poncho

October 15, 2018

History of the poncho

Ponchos are back in fashion for 2018, with brands like Chloé, Burberry and Monse all giving a nod to the poncho in this year’s collections. Even Vogue has noted that capes and draping are back. But did you know that ponchos have been around for hundreds of years?

Believed to have originated in South America –though there is some disagreement about exactly where - a poncho is usually a sleeveless, kitted garment with unsewn sides and a space for the wearer’s head to pass through. They’re loose-fitting and can be layered over other clothing, originally being made to keep warm and protect the body from harsh weather conditions whilst still allowing freedom of movement.

Often associated with Mexican culture, and sometimes considered a symbol of Mexico, ponchos are also considered an important cultural icon for some indigenous people in South America. Traditionally, it was men who wore the most outlandish and brightly patterned poncho designs.

A traditional poncho is made by slitting a hole in the middle of a length of fabric, placing it around the neck and allowing the material to drape around the shoulders.

Now, people wear ponchos as a fashion accessory and a style statement, rather than out of necessity, though practicality and warmth are still two of the key features of a pashmina (and probably the reason why they’re still so popular hundreds of years later). You can get different styles and patterns of ponchos which can be embellished in different ways such as with buttons, tassels, sequins – anything you want, really.

They’re perfect for the slightly odd, transitional weather we now get during autumn in the UK as they can be layered to fit with whatever’s happening outdoors at the time and are really easy to wear. Ponchos are also super cosy and comfy, they’re probably the closest thing you can wear to a blanket (in a good way) and that’s just one of the reasons we love them!

Our ponchos are made from 100% cashmere, are handmade, ethically in Nepal and come in a range of neutral colours that are just perfect with any outfit. They’re also extremely lightweight and versatile, and can be worn in a number of number of different ways, with any outfit or any event.

You can wear them with any outfit and to a variety of different events too, they can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what you’re doing and where you’re going.

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