Let the Easter Bunny deliver you a pashmina this year

March 13, 2018

Let the Easter Bunny deliver you a pashmina this year

Remember how as a child, as well as chocolate eggs and chicks, Easter always meant you got a new outfit to wear on Easter Sunday? We think this is a trend that should make its way back in adulthood!

 With health concerns around sugar and environmental concerns about excess packaging, especially plastic, becoming more of an issue each year, we propose that this is the year that you ditch the chocolate eggs and treat yourself to a genuine pashmina as an alternative. Let’s face it, there’s so much chocolate around at this time of year that missing out on a boring old egg isn’t something to worry about.

 Whilst treating yourself to a whole new outfit top-to-toe for Easter is likely to be really expensive, you can update your whole look with a beautiful and stylish pashmina scarf that can be work in lots of different ways and with any outfit.

 Classic and luxurious, a quality pashmina lasts a lifetime and will give you much more satisfaction than a supermarket egg ever will, and looks so much more stylish too! Plus it’s way more likely to keep you nice and warm as although it might be March, we’ve already seen that this is no guarantee of spring weather!

 As for the ethical and environmental concerns that come with an overly packaged mass-market chocolate egg? You can rest assured with a pashmina from Carr & Burhill – all of our products are completely sustainable and are 100% ethically sourced and produced in Nepal, supporting local businesses and manufacture. The goats that our wool comes from are all treated really well too!

 By buying a pashmina, rather than an Easter egg, you’ll also be supporting an industry that predominantly employs women in Nepal, putting their years of experience, passion for pashmina and traditional skills to excellent use.

 We also offer a range of pashmina colours to suit any taste and if you’re not sure which you like, our fuss-free returns policy means that you can try out some different scarves and easily return any colour you don’t want to drape yourself in on Easter Sunday.

 What’s even better is that all of our stock is held in the UK and we offer Next Day Delivery so even if you’ve left it to well into March to treat yourself to an alternative Easter gift, it’s not too late to receive it delivered to your home, beautifully (but not excessively) packaged right on time for Easter weekend.

 Now doesn’t that sound much better than an average old chocolate egg? Let the Easter Bunny – via Carr & Burhill – deliver you a beautiful pashmina this year.