Looking after your pashmina scarf on holiday

July 16, 2018

Looking after your pashmina scarf on holiday

It’s that time of year that we’ve all been waiting for – holiday season! A pashmina scarf is perfect for cooler evenings, cold planes, places where there’s lots of air con and that moment when you step back off the plane in the UK and remember you’re wearing flip flops and a vest top to show off your tan.

But it’s important that whether you’re home or away that you take care of your pashmina scarf properly – protecting it from heat, sun and damage. Here are our rules for travelling with your pashmina scarf:

  1. Pack it carefully – the good thing about taking a scarf on holiday is that they’re easy to pack and won’t crease in your case. However, that doesn’t just mean throwing it in there! Take the time to properly fold it (ideally protecting it with something to avoid any leaks in your case).
  2. Protect it from too much direct sunlight – now, we don’t expect you to be wearing your pashmina on a Barbados beach in the height of summer, but just be mindful if you leave your pashmina in direct sunlight for too long it could stretch out of shape or fade. Just be careful where you leave it!
  3. Handwashing is still key – we know you’re on holiday, but it’s still really important to handwash your pashmina scarf when you’re away on holiday (if you can). Sea, sand and salt air can all take their toll on holiday clothes (as can sun cream, sweat and sangria!), so it’s really worth that little bit of extra care to make sure that your scarf looks great. If you’re not sure, ask at your hotel to see if they can help you with this.
  4. Keep an eye on it – don’t leave your pashmina behind on the plane, or on a day out, if you take it with you, remember to bring it back!

Remember, don’t be fooled by “pashmina” you might see in markets or for sale when you’re away that seem too good to be true, price-wise – they probably are. You often get cheaper and much poorer-quality wool passed off as “pashmina” by unscrupulous sellers looking to dupe buyers.

All of our pashmina’s are made from high quality, 100% certified pashmina wool, and are hand made in Nepal so you can be assured of the best quality and value. We hope your enjoy your holiday and the versatility that comes with taking your pashmina away with you!