Pick the perfect pashmina gift for Mother’s Day

March 03, 2018

Pick the perfect pashmina gift for Mother’s Day

If you’re not sure what to get your mum (or partner if your little one is too young to be doing the buying yet) on Sunday 11th March 2018 – Mother’s Day in case you weren’t sure! - a pashmina makes a fantastic gift and shows your appreciation for the woman you love.

Our 100% pashmina scarves are a truly elegant addition to any wardrobe for any age – they go with any outfit from casual to formal, are easy to wear and are as practical as they are beautiful. We recommend them for women of any age as a real luxury gift that’s sure to impress.

Not sure what a pashmina is or why they make a perfect gift? Let us give you the lowdown:

Pashmina is a type of extremely soft and luxurious wool that’s produced by a special breed of long haired goat in Nepal. The wool is sought after around the world to make various different products, including pashmina scarves, which are also commonly known as just a “pashmina”. Genuine pashmina’s are soft, comfortable and will last a lifetime.

Made from the finest, softest wool available pashmina’s are both fashionable and timeless and can easily be dressed up or down so whether your mum is glamorous and chic or likes a lower key, dressed down look she can easily find a way to fit a pashmina into her daily wardrobe.

At Carr and Burhill, we guarantee that all of our pashmina products are 100% authentic – there are a lot of fake pashmina’s out there made of inferior wool so don’t be fooled! We only use the highest quality wool that is ethically sourced and produced in Nepal.

Another bonus with a pashmina is that there’s no size to get wrong, our scarves come in one size only so that’s one less thing to have to think about. We also offer a range of classic colours that are sure to go with any outfit.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what colour to choose – or if your mum would prefer a different colour - we offer a no fuss 30 day return policy so you can rest assured there’s no pressure if you make a mistake. We also offer Next Day delivery and all of our parcels are beautifully packaged, just in case you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift at short notice.

Treat her to the gift she deserves this Mother’s Day and check out our range of pashmina scarves, Mum’s the word!