Why cashmere is the perfect winter wear

September 30, 2018

Why cashmere is the perfect winter wear

  1. Cashmere comes in a wide range of colours

As a versatile, and classic fabric, we think it’s really important that you can buy a cashmere accessory in the colour you actually want it in. We offer our pashmina scarves and ponchos in a range of different colours so that you can get the look that you want.


  1. It’s a natural fabric

Our pashmina wool comes from ethical sources in Nepal, and no animals are harmed in the harvesting of the wool. We don’t use lots of harmful chemicals in the processing either, so you can rest assured that your pashmina scarf is definitely not having a negative impact at its source. Another bonus of cashmere being a natural fabric is that it’s breathable and lightweight, whilst still being warm. Cashmere wool traps air in between its fibres, which is why it’s so toasty.


  1. Cashmere is extremely soft

One of the key benefits of cashmere above other wool products is its softness and quality. When you buy a cashmere product, you’re investing in your own comfort as well as style, especially as a scarf is in contact with your skin all day. Cashmere doesn’t itch or cause irritation, unlike some other wools.


  1. It won’t just last one winter

We’ve all been there and bought a cheap jumper, or something that’s really trendy but will probably be relegated to the back of the wardrobe by the time next season rolls around. This isn’t the case with cashmere at all. With the right care, this stylish, elegant and timeless fabric stays looking as good as new for a really long time. You want something as classic as a pashmina scarf to stand the test of time, so that you can be sure it has lasting quality.


  1. Not too heavy or too light

Perfect for winters in the UK where one day, it’s sunny and crisp, but the next day it’s windy and wet, cashmere’s a fantastically versatile fabric that suits a range of different weather conditions. It also won’t make you overheat, like some cheaper wool alternatives do.


  1. It can be worn anywhere

Whether you’re dressed up and need a little something to take the chill off, or you’re just heading out shopping or running around after the kids, it’s really easy to dress cashmere up or down. It looks as elegant paired with jeans as it does with an evening dress.


Pick up some cashmere this winter with our range of pashminas and ponchos.