Ethically Manufactured Cashmere

How do you know that the cashmere you’re buying has been manufactured ethically?

It can sometimes be difficult to know that you’re purchasing fashion items responsibly and that what you’re wearing doesn’t come with any ethical issues that you may not have considered.

Our cashmere is manufactured on a small scale in Nepal, very near to where the goats who give us the raw materials for the cashmere wool that we use. In the first instance, this reduces the impact that we have on the environment in terms of transport. By working in this way, we also avoid the harmful practices associated with large-scale farming such as degradation of habitats and farmland, over-grazing and issues with animal wellbeing. The goats are also combed, not sheared. This is not only better for the goats, who love being combed but find it quite stressful to be shorn, it actually creates a much better quality product.

We have direct links in our supply chain to the people who manufacture our products and are very close to our producers. Those working to make our scarves are paid a fair and ethical wage that allows them to support their families and live a good quality of life whilst practicing a traditional skill that has been passed down for generations. We have regular contact with the factory our workers weave in and our team visit periodically to make sure that everything is going well.

One of the biggest indicators of ethical manufacture of cashmere is the quality of the product - it should feel soft, be warm and serve as a quality fashion item. Poorer quality items that have been mixed with other fibres or don’t hold up to expectations usually means there have been unethical practices going on during manufacture.

With cashmere, you do get what you pay for and it’s really important to understand that if a cashmere item is much cheaper than expected, it’s unlikely to be pure cashmere, or worse, there has been either animal or human cruelty during the production process.

We believe that these factors not only lead to a better quality product but ensure that we act responsibly as a business and ethically support the cashmere industry in Nepal. As a customer, you can also be sure that you’re wearing pure cashmere items from an environment where animals and workers have been treated well. There is no certification label in the UK that guarantees that a cashmere product is ethical – however, we’re open about where our cashmere products come from, how they’re produced and how people and animals that we work with are treated.

If you’re looking for ethically sourced and manufactured cashmere, take a look at our range of pashmina scarves.