Our Story

The Carr & Burhill of today has roots spanning back to the early 1970’s with a young British family setting up a small NGO in Nepal. A clinic for women’s health and welfare was established and funding from all over the globe slowly secured. This NGO is still going strong today representing women’s health and economic status within rural areas of Nepal.

The crafting of incredible, pure cashmere knitwear and products remains one of the biggest industries employing women in Nepal and we are proud to be part of it. It was a passion for this craft and the amazing products produced by hand that led us to create our own brand, one which we know adheres to the highest standards we’ve applied over decades.

With working conditions and wages at the top of our priorities in Nepal we have a permanent presence in Kathmandu ensuring the production is of the best quality, finest cashmere and produced in a great environment. All the cashmere is ethically sourced with sustainable farming and well cared for goats.

We are a business built from a love for fashion, the highest quality cashmere products and the industry that creates them in one of the most fascinating regions in the world. We are committed to holding UK stock to ensure the fastest distribution. We are directed by what our customers love and what our team in Nepal need to produce the finest products available.